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Temporary Restraining Order - CASE DISMISSED

Client was served with a temporary restraining order. In response, I advised her that we should file a cross-temporary restraining order against petitioner. Our cross-temporary restraining order was granted. Upon being served, the petitioner decided to drop the case and not proceed with the hearing. The restraining order was dismissed.

Temporary Restraining Order - RESTRAINING ORDER GRANTED

Client hired me to file a temporary restraining order against a person who was stalking her. After hearing, the court granted the permanent restraining order.


Client was charged with possession of counterfeit money. Client was at risk of losing his taxi cab license if he were to be convicted of a felony. Client was apprehended by law enforcement because he happened to be standing next to a vehicle which was getting pulled over for a traffic violation. Upon police contact, Client allegedly dropped an envelope containing approximately $1000 of counterfeit currency. An officer looked at the currency and determined that it was possibly counterfeit; subsequently, Client was arrested for possession of counterfeit money. After trial, the jury acquitted my client and voted NOT GUILTY. Client was able to maintain his taxi cab license and to keep his job due to the acquittal on the felony charge.

Misdemeanor warrants. Warrant recalled and no jail time. Probation reinstated.

Reckless Driving - CASE DISMISSED
Client charged in federal court for reckless driving. Case dismissed.

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