San Diego Temporary Restraining Orders

Temporary restraining orders (TROs) in San Diego County number in the hundreds each year because they are relatively easy to get. An Attorney can go to a Superior Court location in San Diego and ask for a restraining order against you, without you being there to provide your point of view, and without you even being aware that he or she is doing so. There is also more than one type of temporary restraining order in San Diego, and if you have been served with the papers for any of them or you wish to file one, you probably have some questions.

If You Are the Target of a TRO

It’s important that you get the right answers. Defense attorney Anna R. Yum is a very knowledgeable and experienced former prosecutor who will protect your legal rights. If you’ve been served with a restraining order or need to file one against someone else, you can contact her law offices for a no-commitment discussion of your circumstances.

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If the Petitioner (the person who filed the TRO) did it correctly, your TRO papers were served to you in person by someone at least 18 years old – other than the Petitioner. It might have been a County Sheriff that served you, but it’s also legal for the Petitioner to have someone else do the service.

Types of Temporary Restraining Orders

The restraining order you received might be:

Each of these is a document signed by a San Diego Superior Court judge, ordering you to stay away from the Petitioner and/or not contact him or her (or “them;” the order might cover more than one person,  for example, a woman and her children, an individual and his/her spouse). Particular forms of physical, verbal, and/or electronic contact (for example, phone, texting and email) may be forbidden by the order.

What to Do If You Were Served with a TRO

When you receive a TRO, it’s very important that you:

  • Abide by the TRO; that is, do not violate the restraining order. No matter how unfair or unjustified you feel that the order is, it is not in your best interest to try to work it out alone with the Petitioner.
  • Contact a skilled defense attorney to protect your legal rights. The negative consequences of a restraining order merit the presence of a qualified lawyer who is on your side.

If you haven’t been served with a restraining order but you suspect that you will be served, it’s still an appropriate time to contact a defense attorney. There are several ways that Anna R. Yum can argue against a TRO or an injunction, and there are ways that she can minimize or even eliminate the negative consequences of being served with a restraining order.

The Next Step: Contact Anna R. Yum for Experienced Representation

Don’t let confusion, anger or other emotions keep you from getting the legal counsel you need. Talk to defense attorney Anna R. Yum about your concerns and your situation. She has extensive experience with temporary restraining orders and will fight to ensure your legal rights are protected.