San Diego Firearm Possession Charges

Firearm possession can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony under California law. However, state laws regarding firearm possession and other gun charges are rather complicated and the charges depend on many factors, making it difficult to predict the level and type of charges that may be issued. It takes an experienced, seasoned criminal defense attorney such as Anna R. Yum to successfully defend an accused individual against firearm possession charges.

Usually in a Traffic Stop or During an Arrest

A firearm possession offense usually arises when the police, sheriff, or CHP (California Highway Patrol) stop someone in a vehicle or on foot and find a weapon in the vehicle or on the individual’s person. Even a person with a legally purchased weapon may be charged with firearm possession under the law.

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Offenses Related to Firearm Possession

There are also several other criminal offenses related to firearm possession, including:

  • possession of a firearm by a felon
  • brandishing a firearm (i.e., showing it or waving it about)
  • negligent discharge of a firearm
  • unlawful sale of a firearm
  • possession of illegal weapons other than firearms

Defenses to Firearms Possession Charges

In some cases, the charge of possession can be dismissed if the defense criminal lawyer can show that the police stop or search was performed improperly. In other cases, it may be possible to get the charge reduced or dismissed based on the accused’s lack of knowledge about how a firearm is legally transported from one location to another.

A firearm possession conviction can result in a large fine, and/or a prison or jail sentence, and/or the loss of your right to ever legally possess a firearm again. This criminal conviction (as with all other crimes) can affect your life in numerous ways, such as when you apply for employment, a place to live, or a professional license.

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