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Arranging A Meeting with Minor for Lewd Purposes - PROBATION, NO JAIL.

Client, a teacher and coach, was charged with several sex crimes involving an inappropriate relationship with a student. Client was charged with arranging a meeting with a minor for lewd purposes, among other offenses. After lengthy negotiations with the prosecution, Client was sentenced to no incarceration in jail and a grant of probation.

Lewd or Lascivious Acts with A Minor - PROBATION

Client was charged with committing numerous lewd or lascivious acts with a minor. Client met the victim online and they began a relationship. Once the minor’s mother discovered the extent of the relationship, authorities were notified and Client was criminally charged. These types of cases rarely settle for anything less than prison. Although Client was facing significant amount of time in prison, we were able to resolve the case for a grant of probation.


Client was a former female fifth-grade school teacher who was charged with 14 counts of lewd and lascivious acts on a minor and 3 counts of statutory rape. The prosecution alleged that my client had engaged in child molestation concerning two of her former male students. If convicted, my client was looking at more than 30 years in state prison. After a HIGHLY PUBLICIZED JURY TRIAL which garnered extensive media coverage, the court declared a mistrial based upon juror misconduct. Upon speaking with the jurors after trial, we discovered that had the court not declared a mistrial, the verdict would have resulted in an ACQUITTAL on 3 of the charges regarding one alleged victim. As for the remaining alleged victim, the jury would have been hopelessly deadlocked resulting in a hung jury. The split would have been 9 in favor of NOT GUILTY and 3 in favor of guilt. It was revealed that the jurors who engaged in misconduct were those who voted for guilt.

Arranging a Meeting with a Minor for Lewd Purposes- PROBATION, NO JAIL, NO SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION

Client was charged with arranging a meeting with a minor for lewd purposes. Client was exchanging text messages and emails with an undercover officer who he allegedly believed to be a minor. The prosecution argued that the Client intended to engage in sexual intercourse and oral copulation with a person whom he believed to be a minor at the time. Upon extensive negotiations with the prosecution, we resolved the case so that Client received NO JAIL TIME, PROBATION, and NO LIFETIME SEX REGISTRATION.

Lewd or Lascivious Acts on a Minor- Probation, NO JAIL TIME.

Client was charged with several counts of lewd or lascivious acts on a minor who was under 14 years of age at the time of the alleged incident. The prosecution argued that Client, a sports coach, groomed the victim and initiated an inappropriate relationship with his student. These types of serious charges and allegations very rarely resolve for anything less than prison. After negotiations with the prosecution and thorough defense investigation, Client ultimately received a grant of probation and no incarceration in custody.

Temporary Restraining Order- CASE DISMISSED

Client hired me to defend against a temporary restraining order. The petitioner (the person who filed the temporary restraining order against client) alleged that my client had forcefully raped her on numerous occasions. After I cross-examined the petitioner, in addition to presenting defense witnesses, the court did not believe that the petitioner had met their burden of proof. The court dismissed the restraining order with prejudice. Case dismissed.

Temporary Restraining Order - CASE DISMISSED

Client was served with a temporary restraining order. The respondent alleged that Client was harassing her and the rest of her family. The case was unable to reach mediation or settlement between the respondent and my client. After testimony was presented during trial, the judge did not grant the restraining order and the case was dismissed.

Temporary Restraining Order - Granted on behalf of Client

Client filed a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband three times. The first time, Client decided not to go forward against her then husband. The second time, Client petitioned the court for a permanent restraining order against her ex-husband. I was not her attorney at the time. After a trial, the Court did not grant her request and her petition was denied. On the third instance, Client retained me to represent her in obtaining a permanent restraining order against her ex-husband. The harassment and abuse would not end and Client sought protection from the court in obtaining a permanent order. After trial, the court agreed with our position and granted our request for a permanent restraining order.

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