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Possession of Controlled Substances for Sale - NO JAIL TIME

Client was charged with possession of cocaine and methamphetamine for purposes of sale. The prosecution alleged that Client sold cocaine and methamphetamine to another while at a local nightclub. Client had a previous arrest for possession of controlled substances for sale. After in-depth defense investigation and negotiations, Prosecution agreed to NO jail time for client. Client was also eligible to earn a simple possession as a misdemeanor after one year.

Possession of Drugs for Sales - NO JAIL TIME

Client was charged with possession of drugs for sales. Prosecution alleged that he was in possession of nearly 20 grams of controlled substances and that he possessed it for purposes of sale. Client served no jail time; instead, he was ordered to complete days of public work service.

Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance - CASE DISMISSED

Client charged with being under the influence of a controlled substance. He was looking at a minimum of 90 days in custody and registration as a narcotics offender. Upon defense investigation, I was able to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges. Case dismissed.

Drug Possession while armed with a Firearm- PROBATION

Client was charged with multiple counts of drug possession while armed with a firearm and theft related offenses. Prosecution was adamant that my client deserved a significant amount of time in prison. After advising my client to attend residential rehabilitation among other efforts to show that she was trying to improve her life, I was able to convince the prosecution to agree to probation.

Multiple drug possession cases. Reduced to misdemeanors after felony charges. No jail time.

Multiple drug possession cases. Deferred entry of judgment.Case dismissed. No jail time.

Drug Possession for Purposes of Sales - NO JAIL TIME
Client was charged with possession of methamphetamine for purposes of sales and felony possession of stolen property. Prosecution wanted 180 days in custody and felony charges. After negotiations, I was able to convince the prosecution to agree to a possession charge with deferred entry of judgment for future dismissal and a reduction to a misdemeanor regarding the stolen property. Client served no jail time.

Multiple Robberies and Gang Enhancements - NOT GUILTY

Client was charged with multiple robberies and gang enhancements. There were 2 alleged victims in the case. The defense with respect to one of the victims is that my client was wrongfully accused based upon cross-racial mistaken identification. Upon zealous cross-examination and after the case was presented to the jury, the jury voted NOT GUILTY with respect to the alleged victim who mistakenly identified my client as the person who robbed him.


Client was accused of committing a robbery at a check cashing business. The prosecution alleged that Client had robbed a woman who was opening the check cashing business in the morning. There were a number of witnesses who allegedly observed the incident. Prosecution was unable to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt and the trial resulted in a mistrial due to a hung jury.

Robbery with Gang Enhancements Probation Violation - PROBATION WITH NO JAIL TIME

Client was charged with battery while on felony probation for multiple robberies with gang enhancements. Once the probation violation was alleged, the gang deputy district attorney wanted the client to serve approximately 20 years in prison. After significant and time-consuming negotiations with the deputy district attorney and gang detective, I convinced the prosecutor to agree to no jail time and reinstatement on probation.

Multiple counts of RAPE and sodomy of an intoxicated and unconscious victim - HUNG JURY. No Jail Time. No Lifetime Sex Offender Registration

Client was charged with multiple counts of rape and sodomy of an intoxicated and unconscious victim. Client was a college student who allegedly committed these acts at a house party near a local college campus. The prosecution maintained that the complaining witness was drugged while at the party and that Client forced himself upon her during her alleged intoxicated and unconscious state. During a jury trial, the court declared a mistrial based upon the fact that the jury could not reach a unanimous decision. It was discovered that the split ranged from 11-1 for NOT GUILTY, 10-2 for NOT GUILTY, 9-3 for NOT GUILTY, and 6-6 split. Although Client was facing numerous years in prison, Client received NO FELONY CONVICTION, NO JAIL TIME and NO LIFETIME SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION

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