San Diego Civil Harassment Order

Attorney Anna R. Yum helps individuals who need to file or defend themselves against a restraining order, including Civil Harassment Restraining Orders (“CHOs”). By granting a CHO, a judge is ordering that an individual stay away from or stop harassing the person who asked for the CHO. Such court orders are issued in San Diego County to people who have concerns about their personal safety in light of conduct on the part of someone who is not:

  • His or her spouse (husband/wife)
  • Someone with a domestic relationship to the person seeking the CHO (e.g., live-in boyfriend or girlfriend)
  • A close family member, such as an adult child or sibling

California laws and San Diego County guidelines regarding CHOs and other types of restraining orders are complex enough to merit the attention of a skilled and experienced attorney like Anna R. Yum. If you feel that you need a CHO or other restraining order, you can schedule a free consultation to discuss your concerns with Anna R. Yum today.

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For Restraining a Defined Set of People
A Civil Harassment Restraining Order/CHO is for restraining an individual who is not a close friend or family member, including:

  • A stranger
  • An acquaintance
  • A neighbor
  • An “ex” – an ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, ex-husband or wife
  • A relative who is not close to the person seeking the CHO

Conduct that Causes Substantial Emotional Distress
The California Code of Civil Procedure – 527.6(b) prohibits conduct that “would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress and must actually cause substantial emotional distress to the victim,” such as:

  • Threats (verbal and/or physical)
  • Stalking (in person, on the phone, and/or electronically, such as by texting and email)
  • Harassment
  • Sexual assault

Every Case is Unique
A mere argument with your neighbor about the placement of trash cans – for example – would not be sufficient grounds for a CHO. One threat by an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend may or may not be enough for a judge to grant a CHO. The laws and human conduct are not a perfect fit, and everyone’s circumstances are unique. It takes a highly competent criminal lawyer such as Anna R. Yum to provide knowledgeable legal counsel to individuals who are either filing a CHO or who need to defend themselves against a CHO or another type of restraining order.

The Conduct Prohibited by a CHO
A CHO may include surprisingly detailed provisions that order an individual to do (or not do) something, such as:

  • Stay away from the victim – there may be a minimum physical distance, such as 100 yards – and from the victim’s place of work, his or her home, and the places where he or she frequents, such as church and classes
  • Stay away from members of the victim’s family, including at their school, places of work, etc.
  • Stop sending emails, leaving phone messages, sending texts to the victim

There’s much to learn about Civil Harassment Restraining Orders. If you feel that you may need to file or defend yourself against a CHO, contact Anna R. Yum to schedule a free and private discussion of your circumstances. Anna R. Yum has extensive experience in handling restraining orders in San Diego and will provide you with thorough, knowledgeable representation in your case.