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Former Prosecutor

As a former prosecutor, Ms. Yum has the experience and knowledge to know how the government works and thinks. Many San Diego criminal attorneys sit around and try to guess what’s going on in the prosecutor’s mind, but Ms. Yum has actually been there.

As a former deputy district attorney, Ms. Yum prosecuted cases just like yours. She received a wide range of trial experience when she was specifically assigned to various units at the DA’s office including: domestic violence, sex crimes and child abuse, misdemeanors (i.e. DUI, petty thefts, etc.), grand theft auto, general felonies, criminal street gangs, and many more. This type of background provides Ms. Yum with a unique advantage when it comes to negotiations, whether it’s resolving a probation case instead of prison or getting charges dismissed altogether.

Most importantly, Ms. Yum’s prior experience as a former prosecutor gives her team a unique advantage when it comes to spotting and attacking the prosecution’s weak points in the courtroom. Winning a fight becomes much easier when you know all of the in’s and out’s of your opponent’s strategy. Because Ms. Yum was a prosecutor, she has insight that most criminal attorneys can only dream of.

Start Taking Action And Start Winning

Right now, as you’re reading this, the prosecution could very well be setting up their plan of attack. Every second you’re not taking action is another second the other side has to plot and formulate a strategy to try and get you convicted. Rather than waiting until your first court date, like most defense attorneys, the fight for your freedom starts from our very first consultation with you.

Our firm will fight to give you the best defense possible, but ultimately, the maker or breaker of your own freedom is YOU!

YOU are the only person that can get up and get moving, and take the first and most important step: contacting a highly successful, aggressive, and experienced criminal defense firm.

Take the First Step in Winning Back Your Freedom, Right Now!

As a former prosecutor and veteran San Diego criminal defense lawyer, Anna Yum and her excellent team take pride in trying to get ahead of the train before it gets going.  We pride ourselves in being proactive, not reactive.  We pride ourselves in formulating an aggressive defense, winning strategies, and investigation on your behalf.  The longer you delay in hiring a competent defense, the more time we’re giving the government to plan their attack.

The time for waiting is over. The time for action is now.

Let’s take the fight to the prosecution and make sure we do our best to fight for your future and freedom. Ready for a free consultation? Call us right now by dialing (619) 233-4433.