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San Diego Violent Crime Attorney

Violent crimes, whether against living beings or property, have the most severe penalties. If you have been arrested for or charged with a violent crime, it's in your best interest to have a highly skilled and aggressive criminal defense lawyer. Anna R. Yum has experience as a litigator on both sides of the equation - defense and prosecution - and she can provide you with the top-quality representation that you need.

Against a Person, Against Property

Violent crimes can be grouped into two categories: those against a person, and those against property. Violent crimes against a person include:

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  • assault and/or battery
  • assault with a deadly weapon or great bodily injury and battery
  • carjacking
  • domestic violence
  • homicide
  • kidnapping
  • manslaughter
  • rape
  • other sexual offenses

Violent crimes against property include:

  • arson
  • burglary
  • embezzlement
  • extortion
  • larceny
  • robbery
  • three-strikes crimes

Nearly all violent crimes in the state criminal justice system are counted under California's "three strikes" law, meaning that a conviction for one of these crimes will be used toward the "three strikes and you're out" enhancement.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Anna R. Yum

Defense lawyer Anna R. Yum works on her clients' behalf at every step of the criminal law process, including:

  • investigating the case - a good defense lawyer wants to know more about your case than the prosecutor knows
  • challenging the arrest or charges
  • negotiating with the D.A. - trying to get the charge dismissed or reduced
  • appearing with you at your preliminary hearings
  • preparing you for a trial if one is appropriate
  • representing you at trial
  • arguing for a favorable sentence if you are convicted
  • appealing your conviction if appropriate or any restraining order granted against you

In light of the significant prison time that most violent crimes present, it's really an imperative for the accused to have a very competent and aggressive attorney on his or her side. If you're facing a violent crime charge, contact San Diego criminal lawyer, defense attorney Anna Yum in San Diego for representation.

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