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San Diego Truck Accident Attorney

The Law Offices of Anna R. Yum view truck accidents as trial cases, because we should. Here are four reasons why you need an aggressive truck accident attorney if you are involved in a San Diego auto/truck collision.

  • Truck companies and their insurance carriers are scared of liability. They know how much damage their vehicles can do and how expensive liability compensation can be. For those reasons, they treat every truck accident as an adversary proceeding. Truck insurance carriers are going to consider you the opposition.
  • Truck accidents are more likely to cause injury and certainly do more damage than auto accidents. You need an advocate to preserve your rights to compensation in what may be a very expensive experience. You need a dedicated advocate with both the trucking firm and with your insurance carrier, especially if there are medical bills involved.
  • Your attorney needs to understand the investigation requirements for a truck accident. Issues such as vehicle separation, weather conditions, and road width may play a different role than with auto accidents in deciding whether or not a truck is the responsible vehicle in an accident.
  • A good truck collision lawyer will consider the opposition a corporate insurance company, which is what truck insurance carriers are, and collect all of the evidence necessary to meet the burden of proof standard regardless of the police report. Truck accident insurance cases don’t often settle quietly.

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 The two things we know about trucks are that they are a lot bigger than autos and passenger vehicles, and that they take a lot longer to stop. The ratio of a truck’s weight to its braking ability is well beyond that of the vehicles we use to drive our kids to school and get to work. Trucks are also a lot less maneuverable, all of which means that a truck driver has got to be a cautious driver. In most cases, a truck driver also has a schedule to meet.

All that can add up to a rolling road hazard for you and your family. There are stretches of California roads such as I-5 through Santa Ana where the truck traffic is frightening under the best of circumstances. San Diego has more than its share of roads where trucks and cars just don’t belong together. If you are involved in a truck accident and are fortunate enough not to sustain immediate serious injury, there are a few steps you should take as well.

  • Make sure a traffic enforcement officer gets to the scene and prepares a report.
  • Collect the truck driver’s information, his employer’s name, the trucking company insurance company name and if possible, his supervisor’s name. If there are witnesses you can identify or other vehicles involved, collect names and phone numbers from those parties as well.
  • See a doctor, regardless of how you feel. Adrenaline can mask injury pain; moreover, without immediate medical consultation it will be very difficult to seek medical damages later.
  • Retain a truck accident attorney that can immediately begin an independent investigation which will ensure your legal protection for the accident itself. The Offices of Anna R. Yum will see to it that you receive all of the compensation due you for property damage, injury, and possible negligence.