San Diego Auto Accident Attorney

San Diego’s traffic collision statistics as reported by the California Highway Patrol show an unusual and troubling characteristic. Unlike LA County, Orange, San Bernardino, Sacramento or any of the other large urban counties, San Diego reports more car accidents with injuries than crashes in which the only damage is to the machinery.

In 2008, the last figures available on the CHP Annual Automobile Accident Report, there were over 13,500 injury accidents reported in San Diego County and about 11,000 accidents that were merely in the “property damage” category. That ratio makes San Diego seem to be a little more dangerous place to drive than most. It also suggests that if you’re involved in a car crash in San Diego County, it’s worth your while to hire an experienced auto accident attorney.

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You may think it’s just insurance companies that need lawyers to settle car accident cases. That’s not true.

If you’re involved in an accident, you need a qualified accident attorney to represent your interests — with the other driver’s insurance company, with anyone claiming damages that wasn’t driving, and possibly with your own insurance company as well. Don’t count on an insurance firm to maximize the damage compensation that may be owed to you; auto accidents can get expensive in a hurry, especially if you’re injured. You need someone who puts your health concerns and your financial protection first.

An energetic and thorough auto accident attorney will provide these services:

  • Handle all contact with insurance carriers, which is why it’s best to retain counsel immediately. Insurance companies are out to minimize their expenses and that process begins with the first phone call. Sometimes initial conversations with insurance adjustors can come back to haunt you.
  • Take you through the claims process with your insurance company and with the other driver’s insurance company. It’s best to assume that at some point, what’s in your best interests may not be what your insurance company would prefer — especially if injuries are involved.
  • Make sure you get all of the medical attention you need. That includes the specialized examinations, the follow up visits and any therapy that’s required. Your health is your doctor’s responsibility and not a matter for an insurance carrier to manage; your attorney should make sure that medical concerns override the opinion of an insurance case manager.
  • Give you that unspoken threat of court action, which will extract cooperation from medical and auto insurance companies that you could never achieve yourself.

The Law Offices of Anna R. Yum can provide these services for you. Insurance companies and their attorneys do things at their own pace, on their own schedule, knowing that there is a two year statute of limitations on most personal injury cases. Hire an energetic, no—nonsense attorney that will make sure every claim is filed and every deadline met. You deserve quality representation for your auto accident; you’ve been through enough.