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Domestic Violence - CASE DISMISSED

Client was charged with several counts of domestic violence. Client had been convicted of domestic violence in the past and the complaining witness had also been previously arrested for domestic violence. Client had previously served in the military and he had been deployed on at least 3 separate occasions. On the day in question, Client and the complaining witness engaged in a heated altercation. Girlfriend sustained a black eye and a bump on her forehead. Client maintained that his girlfriend had assaulted him and that he acted in self-defense. Due to thorough defense investigation, new evidence surfaced to show the violent and volatile character of the girlfriend. In addition, the complaining witness changed her previous statement to reflect significant inconsistencies in the facts of the case. Upon discussions with the prosecutor, the government dismissed all charges against Client.

Domestic Violence - NO JAIL TIME

Client was charged with multiple felonies for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend during an argument. Witnesses heard Client allegedly assaulting girlfriend from outside their residence. Girlfriend sustained massive bruising and lacerations on the face. Client also sustained minor injuries on his body during the course of the altercation. There was a history of domestic violence between both Client and girlfriend. Upon negotiating with the prosecution, Client served NO JAIL TIME; rather, he was ordered to complete days of public work service.

Multiple domestic violence cases were rejected before filing after I provided the prosecution with persuasive and thorough defense investigation.


Client was charged with driving under the influence. He was a member of the US Navy and he was at risk of losing his job if convicted. After several days of jury trial, the jury ACQUITTED Client by voting NOT GUILTY. My client was able to keep his job and to continue serving our country in the military.

Felony DUI - Reduced to Misdemeanor

Client was arrested and charged with a fourth DUI within 10 years. Client was driving erratically on the freeway and several drivers called 911 to report his bad driving. When apprehended by the police, Client performed poorly on the field sobriety tests and he tested positive for being under the influence of controlled substances at the time. Prosecution originally asked Client to serve 2 years in prison. After meticulous negotiation with the prosecution, the government agreed to strike one of Client's prior convictions resulting in a misdemeanor. Client did not serve any prison time. Client received a grant of probation and he was eligible for no jail time and house arrest.

Third Offense DUI - Prior DUI Stricken.

Client was charged with a DUI having been previously convicted of two DUI's within the past 10 years. Client's BAC was .27%. After taking the appropriate measures as advised by me, Client received substance abuse treatment among other factors to assist him in his road to recovery. Upon successful negotiation with the government, the Prosecution agreed to strike one of Client's prior convictions. In doing so, it saved Client from a 3 to 10 year revocation of his license. Also, instead of serving the statutory minimum time of 180 days in jail, Client was sentenced to probation and house arrest.


Client was charged with a DUI having been previously convicted of a DUI. She could not afford to lose her license. Originally, the DMV suspended her license. Upon my advice, we filed a writ to appeal the DMV's suspension. The writ was granted in our favor and we were able to set aside the suspension. Client walked away with no license suspension and a reduction to a wet reckless charge. No jail time.


.19% B.A.C. DUI. Client had been previously convicted of 2 DUI's. Thus, this case was client's 3rd time DUI. Client served no jail time/no custody after his sentence. Instead, he did 180 days of electronic monitoring.

2nd Time DUI while on probation - Back at Home Same Day as Sentencing

Client charged with 2nd time DUI along with a willful refusal to submit to any testing. Client hired me after she had been incarcerated for approximately 2 weeks. Client was still on probation for first DUI. Court had previously warned Client that if she were to be convicted for another DUI while on probation, court would violate her probation and impose the maximum statutory sentence provided by law. The prosecution was unwilling to negotiate a lesser sentence. Upon vigorous argument to the court, I convinced the court not to sentence my client to the maximum sentence. Instead, my client was released that same day.

Multiple cases in which the client was charged with a DUI with a prior conviction. I was able to convince the prosecution todismiss the prior conviction. No jail time.

Multiple DMV actions won by me and the license suspensions were set aside.

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