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Client was a Marine who was charged with domestic violence. Any misdemeanor domestic violence conviction would cost him his career as a Marine. Upon extensive negotiation with the prosecution, Client’s case resolved for a lesser crime of disturbing the peace, along with no jail time, minimal fines, no 52-week domestic violence classes, and no criminal protective order against the victim.


Client, a female college student, was accused of trespassing, vandalism, and committing domestic violence against her ex-boyfriend. There were several witnesses to the alleged incident. Victim owed Client money and she went to his house to request the return of her funds. Victim refused to give the money back to Client. After lengthy negotiations with the prosecutor, all domestic violence charges were dismissed. Instead, Client pled to a non-domestic violence related charge, no jail time, minimal fines, and no 52-week DV classes.


Client was charged with allegedly inflicting corporal injury upon his girlfriend. The alleged victim claimed that Client inflicted injuries upon her during an argument including extensive bruising and lacerations. There was an alleged witness to the incident. Client maintained that he acted in self-defense. After thorough defense investigation, we were able to subpoena the police reports and 911 calls of an incident in which the alleged victim was arrested for domestic violence upon my client only months before the incident in question; this strengthened Client’s contention that he was acting in self-defense. Additional defense investigation and interviews also revealed that the alleged victim inflicted domestic violence upon her ex-husbands in the past. In light of these findings and extensive negotiations with the government, the Prosecution DISMISSED all charges against my client.


Client was charged with committing domestic violence against his girlfriend in front of a hotel located in downtown San Diego. Independent witnesses claimed that they observed my client push his girlfriend and put his hands around her throat in a forceful manner. The alleged incident was captured on hotel security surveillance. After carefully reviewing the video surveillance and defense investigation, the video revealed that Client’s girlfriend slapped Client’s face before he pushed her away from him. Upon extensive negotiations, Client pled guilty to one count of simple battery NOT in a domestic violence context. He was sentenced to the bare minimum with NO PROBATION, NO JAIL, NO 52-WEEK DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CLASSES, and NO FINES.

Domestic Violence - CASE DISMISSED

Client was charged with felony domestic violence. The government alleged that Client punched his wife in her face more than 10 times. The complaining witness sustained a fractured and bruised eye. Client also sustained injuries to his chest and arm. There was a long history of alleged domestic violence between both the complaining witness and Client. Prosecution dismissed all charges against my Client.

Domestic Violence - CASE DISMISSED

Client was charged with several counts of domestic violence. Client had been convicted of domestic violence in the past and the complaining witness had also been previously arrested for domestic violence. Client had previously served in the military and he had been deployed on at least 3 separate occasions. On the day in question, Client and the complaining witness engaged in a heated altercation. Girlfriend sustained a black eye and a bump on her forehead. Client maintained that his girlfriend had assaulted him and that he acted in self-defense. Due to thorough defense investigation, new evidence surfaced to show the violent and volatile character of the girlfriend. In addition, the complaining witness changed her previous statement to reflect significant inconsistencies in the facts of the case. Upon discussions with the prosecutor, the government dismissed all charges against Client.

Domestic Violence - NO JAIL TIME

Client was charged with multiple felonies for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend during an argument. Witnesses heard Client allegedly assaulting girlfriend from outside their residence. Girlfriend sustained massive bruising and lacerations on the face. Client also sustained minor injuries on his body during the course of the altercation. There was a history of domestic violence between both Client and girlfriend. Upon negotiating with the prosecution, Client served NO JAIL TIME; rather, he was ordered to complete days of public work service.

Multiple domestic violence cases were rejected before filing after I provided the prosecution with persuasive and thorough defense investigation.


Client was charged with driving under the influence. He was a member of the US Navy and he was at risk of losing his job if convicted. After several days of jury trial, the jury ACQUITTED Client by voting NOT GUILTY. My client was able to keep his job and to continue serving our country in the military.

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