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Domestic Violence Jury Trial - NOT GUILTY

Client is a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. He has served our country for 17 plus years. His wife claimed that Client brutally attacked her by allegedly throwing her down the stairs, kicking her multiple times in the stomach, hitting and slapping her, and choking her. Wife went to the hospital and reported the alleged abuse to the medical staff and to law enforcement. Client was subsequently arrested. With his career on the line, Client exercised his constitutional right to a jury trial in order to combat these false allegations. After multiple days of a strenuous jury trial, the jury voted NOT GUILTY on the more serious charge of inflicting corporal injury on a spouse. As for the lesser offense of spousal battery, the jury was hung 9-3 in favor of NOT GUILTY. As a result, the judge DISMISSED the lesser count. Client received an acquittal and he was able to continue his career aspirations of serving as a high ranking officer in the USMC.

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