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Controlled substance possession is a very serious crime in California, with severe penalties such as stiff fines and lengthy incarceration in a state prison. If you are being investigated or have already been arrested for controlled substance possession, you need a knowledgeable, aggressive criminal lawyer for a defense case. Anna Yum has the experience as both a defense lawyer and a prosecutor to make sure that your defense is the best possible.

Several Possession Offenses

California and federal drug laws are complex and can be difficult to follow, particularly in light of the constant changes in the laws. At present, there are several offenses that are categorized as "controlled substance possession," including:

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  • possession, small amount
  • possession, large amount
  • possession with intent to sell
  • possession of any scheduled narcotic
  • possession of any substance that contains traces of a narcotic or other illegal drug

Types of Controlled Substances

There are many possible scenarios that could give rise to the charge of possession, such as having the controlled substance in your pocket, your vehicle, or your home. Controlled substances may include:

  • stimulants
  • narcotics
  • hallucinogens
  • anabolic steroids
  • depressants
  • chemicals used in the production of these substances

Harsh Possible Penalties

Some of the controlled substances that carry the most severe penalties are heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, LSD, and PCP. These substances are all considered "Schedule 1" narcotics, and depending on the amount at issue, a conviction of possession for any of them can carry a prison term up to 20 years for a first offense.

Possession of marijuana or hashish and possession of a prescription drug for which you do not have a prescription are also criminal offenses in California and is best to be handled by a San Diego criminal lawyer.

You Need a Great Defense Attorney

It's really important to have a skilled, experienced defense attorney on your side if you're facing criminal charges for controlled substance possession. With an experienced attorney, it may be possible to:

  • get your charge(s) reduced or dismissed, or
  • get into the drug court, an alternative for drug addicts that is geared toward rehabilitation
  • get an alternative sentence such as a diversion program

With the drug court or diversion program, your charge will be dismissed after you have completed specific requirements such as a rehabilitation program and drug testing with negative results.

Contact the San Diego law office of criminal defense lawyer Anna R. Yum for counsel and representation, and arrange a consultation to discuss your options.

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