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Welcome to the Law Offices of Anna R. Yum.  Click here to read Ms Yum's Biography.   Anna Yum is a criminal lawyer in Southern California and her office is based out of downtown San Diego. Ms. Yum is an aggressive trial attorney who commits herself to fight for the best interests of her clients and to provide effective legal representation. Facing criminal charges alone can add stress and anxiety to your life. In fact, a misdemeanor or felony conviction on your record can have a life-long affect on your future ability to obtain employment, to apply to schools, to obtain a loan, etc. Therefore, if you have been arrested and/or if charges have already been filed against you, it is that much more important to contact an experienced and aggressive attorney who will fight for your rights.

Before opening her own practice, Ms. Yum was a Deputy District Attorney with Riverside County. Ms. Yum engaged in a very respected and successful career at the DA's office. As a deputy district attorney, Ms. Yum handled almost every type of criminal case, including but not limited to DUI's, Resisting Arrests, Drug Possession, Domestic Violence, Theft, Restraining Orders, Assault and Battery, Sex Cases, Gang cases, and much more. Anna Yum has extensive trial experience and an impressive ongoing record of success.

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When you are facing criminal charges and you wish to retain an attorney, you're not just looking for legal advice. You're looking for support, highly personalized attention, timely communication, and the assurance that your rights will not be violated or trampled upon by the government. Law Offices of Anna R. Yum offer all of these attributes if not more. Unlike many other law offices or firms, your case will be not be handed off to a paralegal, a legal secretary or a law clerk. Rather, Ms. Yum will devote her time, energy, and diligent work ethic to ensure that your case will receive the personalized attention that it deserves. Anna Yum strives to provide her clients with affordable legal services, reliable support, and zealous advocacy. Contact our law office today to receive a free consultation.

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